Stay Current with FAWQC Sponsored Webinars

Through a variety of events, FAWQC works to provide educational opportunities for both its members and the general public. Webinars accessed through this website offer a way to keep up to date on news, information and policies that may impact your business. Join at no cost and see what’s happening with water.

Florida’s Springs – An Endangered Species?

The most recent webinar hosted by Holland and Knight took place on Friday, April 27, 2018 from 12 PM – 1PM. The excellent panel discussed the declining condition of Florida’s springs, what must happen to rehabilitate them, recent legislation and rules, and action plans, as well as presented specific case studies demonstrating the issues. The panel consisted of:

Tom Frick, Director, Division of Environmental Assessment & Restoration, FDEP

Chris Anastasiou, Chief Scientist and the Leader of the Springs Team, SWFWMD

Mary Ellen Winkler, Assistant General Counsel, SJRWMD

The 2019 Webinar will take place in the spring. Please check back soon for more information on this free event.


If you missed past webinars a copy can be requested at webinars@hklaw.com.